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Episode 122: Is It Living?

September 15, 2021

James' letter in the Bible was considered controversial in its time, as many religious leaders strongly believed that faith alone--not good deeds--would save a person's soul. But don't these deeds serve a purpose in life, now? Rev. Emily Penfield explores this chapter in the next part of her series on James.

Scripture: James 2: 1-10, 14-17

Worship Leader/Sermon: Rev. Emily Freeman Penfield
Organist/Pianist: Andy Plummer
Choir: Lisa Russell Lowe, Clara Russell, Tommy Russell, Jr., Deborah Russell, Tina Hendrickson, John Somerset, Jan Somerset, Jay Somerset



"Toccata on 'Amazing Grace'" by Pardini

"Walk with Me" (1988) by John S. Rice

"In Christ There is No East or West" (1913) by John Oxenham

"Jesus My Trust" (1931) by Marcel Dupre


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