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Episode 65: Seeds of Grace

August 9, 2020

Rev. Emily Penfield focuses on the parable of the sower in the midst of nationwide shortages to show that God's grace will never be in short supply.

Worship Leader/Sermon: Rev. Emily Freeman Penfield
Organist: Andy Plummer
Pianist: Lynn Miles
Soloist: John Somerset



"Prelude in E minor" (1727-1736) by Johann Sebastian Bach

"Morning Has Broken" (1931) by Eleanor Farjeon

"I'd Rather Have Jesus" (1962) by Jim Reeves

"In The Garden" (1913) by C. Austin Miles

"There's A Widness In God's Mercy" (1854) by Fredrick W. Faber

"Trumpet Recessional" (2004) by Henry Kihiken


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