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Episode 70: Crying Out in Grief

September 13, 2020

Grief is a powerful emotion. It is heavy, it is durable, and it is exhausting. In the second part on a month-long series on grief, Rev. Emily Freeman reminds us that expressing this feeling has provided relief for thousands of years.

To skip past the announcements, start at 5:11. To skip to the scripture and sermon, start at 14:43.

Scripture: Lamentations 1

Worship Leader/Sermon: Rev. Emily Freeman Penfield
Prayer: Gerald Ensley
Scripture: Sarah Tudisco
Organist: Andy Plummer
Soloist: Jay Somerset
Pianist: Lynn Miles


"Great Is Thy Faithfulness" (1923) by Thomas Chisolm and William M. Runyan

"Precious Lord, Take My Hand" (1937) by Thomas Dorsey

"Be Still My Soul" (1752) by Catharina von Schlegel (translated by Jane Laurie Borthwick-1855)

"Abide In Me" (1847) by Henry Francis Lyte

"March and Fanfare" (1963) by Henry Purcell


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