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Episode 78: Planning Today: Wise or Foolish?

November 12, 2020

Covid 19 has stirred up an age-old question for people: If we don't know what the future holds, is there any point in planning for it? Rev. Emily Penfield turns to the parable of the bridesmaids for today's message.

Scripture: Matthew 25: 1-13

Worship Leader/Sermon: Rev. Emily Freeman Penfield
Guitar/Soloist: Matthew Penfield


"Open My Eyes" (1895) by Clara H. Scott

"Do Lord" 19th Century African-American Spiritual

"Give Me Oil in My Lamp" by A. Sevison

"Father, I Adore You" (1972) by Terrye Coelho

"Fill My Cup, Lord" (1959) by Richard Blanchard

"As the Deer" (1984) by Martin J. Nystrom


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