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Episode 95: Barriers to Whole-Heartedness

March 12, 2021

Worshiping God has always been meant to be an accessible activity--whether you're sick or poor or away from the land of His people--but when Jesus came across the temple where merchants were selling animals and ritual items for money, he knew that a barrier had been placed between God and His people. So, too, must we be willing to knock down the walls that keep us from worshiping God genuinely with our hearts.

Scripture: John 2:13-22

Worship Leader/Sermon: Rev. Emily Freeman Penfield
Scripture/Prayer: Kim Furlow
Pianist: Lynn Miles
Soloists: John and Jane Somerset



"Christ is Made the Sure Foundation" (1851) by John Mason Neal

"O Lord Most Holy" (1872) by Cesar Frank

"Lord, I Want to be a Christian" (Traditional) African-American Spiritual


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